Subscription Service Agreements

Coram IAC is aware that Intercountry Adoption is a specialised and complex area of work, requiring knowledge not only of adoption and immigration legislation in the UK, but also of countries overseas. The National Adoption Service of Wales has chosen to subscribe to Coram IAC to access services for their prospective and established adopters such as the Advice Line, Preparation Courses and Adoption Support Workshops.  They can also access specialist training and consultation for themselves and their teams. They recognise that without their subscription to Coram IAC, potential intercountry adopters living in Wales would not be able to access the Advice Line or benefit from other added value to the services they offer them. Subscription is also valuable in helping their agency to meet inspection standards. Becoming a subscriber to Coram IAC can benefit your country / local authority in a number of ways.

Subscribers receive:

  • Priority access to the specialist Intercountry Adoption Advice Line
  • Subsidised rates for potential adopters attending Information Sessions, Country Specific Workshops and Adoption Support Workshops
  • Access for potential adopters to IAC Preparation Course, Kinship Preparation Course and Adopting Again courses
  • Subsidised rates for professionals attending Coram IAC training courses
  • Subsidised rates for professional consultation and bespoke courses
  • Access for two individuals from each subscribing authority to attend the Practitioner Network
  • Access to the subscriber site

Subscription benefits both your prospective and established adopters and professionals within your organisation. For more information contact:

Please note that residents of non-subscribing local authorities or RAAs cannot access the Advice Line, nor can those agencies refer prospective adopters to Coram IAC’s Preparation Courses. However, their potential adopters are welcome to attend Information Sessions, Country Workshops and Information Days for Family and Friends, for which a service charge will apply.