Adoption Advice

At Coram IAC we know that starting out on the adoption journey can seem daunting, and that you might have concerns and anxieties about what might lie ahead for you. We respond to over 2500 enquiries each year.  We hope that the information accessed via the links below will answer your questions and help you to understand adoption better.  We also hope to dispel some of the worries you may have and hopefully encourage you to take your next steps with Coram IAC.  

Coram IAC has many years’ experience in adoption and our professional team includes both adoptive parents and adopted people. Each of our adoptive families began the journey where you are now. Of those that made an application, the great majority fulfilled their wishes to become parents and to offer their home to a child, or children, in need of love and nurturing.  Since 2009 we have placed over 400 children in families like yours and we have supported many more since we began work in 1997.

You can read more about the process here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Advice Line

The Advice Line is a good starting point if you are thinking about intercountry adoption as one of our expert Coram IAC advisors can provide you with clear and accurate information.

Getting Started

We can help you through the adoption process if you are thinking of adopting from abroad. If you're thinking about international adoption get started and find your match with Coram IAC.

Adoption Process

We want to make sure that the adoption process is as smooth as possible for prospective adopters. Find out more about what is involved in the international adoption process.

Returning Adopters

Coram IAC welcomes returning adopters to speak to us about what your plans are.

Intercountry Special Programmes

Coram IAC are unique in the UK in having programmes with countries overseas that are expanding and growing.

Domestic Adoption

As a specialist intercountry adoption agency we do not recruit adopters for domestic adoption.