Intercountry Special Programmes

At Coram IAC we believe that developing strong working relationships with specific countries ensures that the child’s needs and wishes remain central within the process. In addition there are added safeguards for the prospective adopter and additional support whilst overseas, such as assistance with accommodation and support in obtaining for visas/passports for the child. In addition in some countries there is greater involvement for Coram IAC on your behalf to pre–select a child for the prospective adopter.

Coram IAC is the only agency in the UK to have developed these working relationships and to have achieved recognition from overseas countries. Currently Coram IAC has working relationships with six countries:

  • India
  • People’s Republic of China for placement of special needs children
  • The Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Bulgaria
  • Kazakhstan

If you wish to adopt from the above countries you will need to use the Coram IAC Special Programme route unless:

  • You wish to adopt a child from China not through the China Special Needs Shared List held by the Central Authority in China.
  • The Philippines if you seeking to adopt a related or identified child or a child not in the Philippines Special Home finding programmes.

With the exception of India Prospective Adopters may register with Coram IAC’s Special Programmes whether they have been assessed and approved by Coram IAC or by another adoption agency.

Coram IAC anticipates opening more programmes with overseas countries in the near future.

If you would like further details including information about the costs and the process please use the Contact Us link to request a pack or ring the Advice Line.