If you are a solicitor or part of a local council legal team, and you are looking for advice on international adoption, then we can help provide support. Coram IAC offers legal and social work information, resources, and detailed guidance to subscribing local authorities’ legal teams in relation to Inbound services. We also provide training sessions and programs for solicitors and local authorities to help improve your knowledge of international adoption.

Outbound Permanence Service

The Outbound permanence service was incorporated into CoramBAAF (a different entity under the Coram group of charities) since 1.7.2023. Sandra Latter, who was the manager of the outbound service prior to 1.7.2023 is now also with Coram BAAF and can be reached at 

They can assist with queries relating to children in care proceedings whose plan is to move them with family members or “connected people” living overseas either through special guardianship, adoption or other permanent orders.

This service is for children in care proceedings potentially being placed overseas to live with a connected carer on either an Adoption, Special Guardianship, or other relevant legal order. In addition to the above, they offer remote practice forums on either Special Guardianship or Convention Adoption and other topics of interest for children leaving the UK.

Please contact for further information.

Inbound Advice Service

This service is to support potential adopters who are in subscribing local authorities seeking advice and information on adopting from any country in the world. Please contact for case queries if you are working for a subscribing local authority.

In addition to the above, we offer a workshop to lawyers interested in finding out more about Convention Adoption for children coming into the UK.

Please contact for further information.