Our Team

Chief Executive of Coram

Carol Homden (pictured above, left hand side)

Board of Trustees

Barbara Hudson - Chair
David Gray - Treasurer
Ana Ansell
James McDougall
Gabrielle Shaw
Nick Sieve

Coram IAC is part of the Coram Group of charities. Our workforce at Coram IAC is led by the Chief Executive and Leadership Team which includes the Managing Director Irene Levine (pictured above, right hand side) and Head of Service Marie Strydom. Services are delivered by the core team comprising of Team Managers, Senior Practitioners and Family Finders who are supported by our Business Support Team.

In addition we deliver our services through Independent Social Workers, Practice Advisors and Trainers.  Services are quality assured by our Independent Adoption Panel. Individuals in the Coram IAC workforce are respected in the field of adoption and permanence bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to the organisation. Some also have a personal connection to adoption.

Everyone who works with Coram IAC is passionate about what we do because we understand that our work is life changing for the world's most vulnerable children and the families that adopt through us.

We are always happy to receive feedback, comments and suggestions about Coram IAC services because we know there is always more to do and hearing from those personally affected by adoption helps us to create the best services that deliver what they need to.  Please download our leaflet to find out how to get in touch with us.  Comments, Complaints and Compliments