Adoption Process

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We want to make sure that the adoption process is as smooth as possible for prospective adopters. Coram IAC is one of the leading international adoption agencies in the UK and strives to support families that have found the adoption process in the UK difficult. Our main goal is to place children with loving families and we look to provide support to parents even after they have completed the adoption process. There are three main stages in the adoption process that we have explained below.

Pre Stage 1

  • Initial Enquiry
  • Information Session
  • Initial Meeting
  • Registration of Interest

Stage 1 (2 months or More)

  • Agency Decision on Interest
  • Stage 1 Agreement & Contract
  • Self Evaluation (Portfolio)
  • Preparation and Training
  • All Statutory Checks Completed
  • References and Medicals Completed
  • Stage 1 Review

Stage 2 (4 Months or More)

  • Stage 2 Agreement
  • Home Study
  • Intensive Preparation and Training (If Required)
  • Prospective Adoption Report Completion
  • Report Put to Panel
  • Agency Decision Maker Final Decision

If you have any questions about the adoption process then call our advice line on 020 8447 4753, or if you want to apply to begin the adoption process you can complete the form here.