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In 2014, 2017 and 2020, Coram IAC was judged to be an outstanding adoption agency by Ofsted.

In 2020 Ofsted reported:

"This agency provides high-quality, individualised and bespoke packages for children and families, depending on their needs and their adoption journey. Each new application brings a different scenario and set of challenges. The agency’s focus is on the vulnerability and needs of the individual children and it offers a service with this in mind."

"The agency is staffed by an experienced and inspirational staff team. Many have personal experience of adoption. All of them have professional experience and expertise in different areas of working with children and adoption. Workers form respectful, positive and friendly relationships with prospective adopters, children and with other agency professionals." 

"Prospective adopters feel extremely welcomed by the agency. The response from the advice line for information is prompt, helpful and friendly. This level of service continues throughout the a
ssessment, training and approval process." 

"Children are listened to, respected and valued. Regular events take place where children can mix with others who are internationally adopted and where they can share their views and give their feedback."

"The agency has developed practice for inter-country adoption. It offers families heritage placements and for others the ability to adopt and care for related children living abroad. All the children who arrive in this country via the service have significantly better opportunities than they would have had in orphanages in their country of origin. The agency also supports placing authorities who are seeking to place children abroad with relatives for adoption, special guardianship or other permanence order."  

"Leaders and managers provide inspirational and effective leadership in this agency."

"The new CEO has the confidence of the board of trustees, the management and the staff team. This has enabled him to begin to make changes and take forward his vision for the service."

"The agency has an effective management team which is led by a CEO who has a strong vision and focus for the improvement of services. There are high expectations across all levels of staffing. Staff feel listened to and the directors and managers are providing an environment where good social work can flourish. A real strength of this agency is its understanding of its current position and the areas which need more development and change."

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Coram IAC families talk directly of the services.

“We adopted our beautiful daughter from Pakistan with the help of Intercountry Adoption Centre. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the organisation is efficient and professional. We were assisted throughout the whole procedure and especially whilst we were out in Pakistan.” Mr and Mrs U
"We found IAC to be a great help during the days of navigating our way through our Inter Country Adoption journey. Their beginners workshops were particularly informative for us and our parents. During the rough days their support, be it on the ground or from the offices in the UK kept us a bit more well informed while waiting for completion dates on legal matters in India. We find their family days very helpful and relaxed events, it's always lovely to meet other adopters at different stages of the process and exchange experiences. We have stayed in touch with IAC and we have no doubt that later on down the line they will be a great source of support for our little one on her journey too." - Mrs KB, Hertfordshire.

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