Consultation and Training

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Coram IAC Advice Line can be accessed by all adoption professionals and we frequently receive phone calls or emails from social workers, their managers, adoption lawyers and Children's Guardians.

One to One Professionals Consultation Service

There are occasions where more in depth advice is needed on a range of queries or to assist to service development.

Coram IAC offers a consultation service to any professional working within the field of intercountry adoption. This may include services to adoption team staff and managers, to legal departments or to other organisations working within the field.

Consultations may be 'indirect' through email, telephone and written advice, such as assistance in drafting procedures or writing information packs for applicants. It can also be face to face, for example to provide assistance in inducting a worker or manager new to intercountry adoption.

Consultancy for practitioners and others is tailored to the needs of the commissioning organisation and the personnel involved. This service is offered in its own right or as a service to complement training events.

The fee for consultancy assumes a half-day (3 hour) session. Hourly rates for shorter sessions are negotiable. All fees are inclusive of preparation and the provision of any materials which may be required.

Consultation can take place at the Coram IAC training venue or within the locality of the commissioning organisation.

Professional training programmes

Coram IAC offers a range of training programmes for professionals. Courses can be offered either at the Barnet Training Centre or within an LA or IAA. In addition Coram IAC is very willing to offer courses to consortium members and to bespoke courses to individual need.

Regular courses offered include:

An introduction to legislation, procedures and practice issues in intercountry adoption

“A most helpful introduction for me as a newcomer to this area of adoption. All panel members should attend. Excellent and knowledgeable speakers!”

Health, Development and Social needs of children adopted from overseas

"Excellent presentation. It made some difficult information more accessible and was very thorough.”

Adoption Support needs in Intercountry Adoption

“A fantastic balance between procedural information and the psychological perspectives of children adopted from other countries.”

Placing Children across racial and ethnic boundaries

“This helped to provide a much needed input with lots of information and a good overview”
"I found the entire day fascinating. Being new to the field of adoption it consolidated and added to my knowledge. Also, helpful personal reflections from the trainers.”

Intercountry Adoption and the UK Court

“This course really made me think and question my work practices. I think I will go away better prepared to be involved with ICAs.”

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