Intercountry Info Sessions

Coram IAC offers Information Sessions for prospective intercountry adopters (a normal session would run from 9.45am to 3.00pm). These sessions are led by the Coram IAC team together with experienced intercountry adopters.

Who are the days for?

Information Sessions are part of the early fact finding and decision making process when you are thinking about intercountry adoption.  They are designed for people who have not yet formally applied to adopt.  The sessions are open to anyone, whether you live in a partner Local Authority area or not.

Single adopters are welcome to attend with a family member or friend - ideally sharing one screen as virtual course spaces are limited.  If you are a couple, both of you should attend.

If you are adopting through Coram IAC then you will be required to attend an Information Session prior to requesting an initial interview with a Social Worker.

What is the purpose of the Information Session?

The session offers an informal setting in which to explore the procedures, issues and challenges involved in intercountry adoption in the company of other prospective adopters. If you are not adopting through Coram IAC, the session will supplement the consultation and advice available through your local authority. Country Workshops which run periodically are a further way to add to your knowledge.  These are more detailed sessions looking at the process, requirements and children for your chosen country, for example India or South Africa.  

Where and When?

Usually two or three times a month, online only.


£160 for single applicants and £299 for couples (if you live in one of our partner local authorities).

How to book

Prior to booking on an information session please speak to the Advice Line.

The team will be able to:

  • Send you an Assessment Information Pack if you live in a partner Local Authority area
  • Provide guidance on how to research 'eligibility criteria' of the country you wish to adopt from
  • Advise you on the residency requirements and intercountry adoption process in the UK
  • Let you know if you should seek specialist legal advice before anything else

To book on an information session please complete our online form.   The form will ask for more information about your enquiry but just fill in as much as you are able to at this stage.  A member of our Business Support team will get back to you with more details about the Information Session and to arrange payment. 

Please note that you will need to book on a course by noon, two working days before the session.  

What people say

“Experienced, sensitive, efficient and perfect”
“Fantastic organisation. This has been the best adoption info session I have attended so far. Very balanced, informative and human”