About Us

Coram IAC – Intercountry Adoption Centre is the UK’s only dedicated international adoption charity. We have delivered outstanding services to those wishing to adopt since 1997.

We exist to prepare, assess and support prospective adopters through the adoption process in the UK and then work with them towards being matched with a child from abroad. We are part of the Coram Group of children's charities.

Local authorities have a legal duty to provide an adoption service but for international adoption, many local authorities and regional adoption agencies choose to partner with Coram IAC so that we can provide our expert service to their residents, including assessment of applications to adopt.

You may personally be thinking about international adoption for one or more of the following common reasons:

  • You want to grow your family
  • You want to start a family
  • You want to adopt a child from your country of heritage
  • You want to adopt a child related to you who lives abroad
  • You have already adopted a child abroad but not completed the UK process

Our dedicated teams have 100s of years of adoption experience and expertise between them and we make it our priority to ensure that anyone interested in adoption can access high quality advice and resources. If you live in one of our partner local authorities we can help you today.  We cover the whole of the UK and work with partner charities to bring local services to local communities.

Each year we receive over 2500 new enquiries, 1000 follow up enquiries and work with over 100 new families, supporting them through the process. You can read about some of our success stories today.  We pride ourselves in being a diverse team from a range of backgrounds and ethnicities, which also includes people who have been personally affected by adoption.  It is really important to us that our services are informed by lived experiences of adoption and are not discriminatory.  You can read more about our support for the Black Lives Matter movement here.

We also provide consultancy and guidance for local authority teams on all matters relating to adoption and permanence, including cases where children may be being placed abroad.

A message from Irene Levine, Managing Director:

“Thank you for visiting Coram IAC’s website. Whether you are a prospective adopter, Social Worker, Adopted Person  or someone else working in this field, we hope you will find most of the information you need here but please do contact our  Information & Advice Line as our expert team will take the time needed to answer your questions and send you more information. We work closely with the government and adoption agencies across the world to transform the lives  of the world’s most vulnerable children.  We support families who will keep these children safe, nurture them, help them to achieve their potential in life and most importantly love them and give them life chances they might not have had otherwise. If you choose to apply through Coram IAC we will do our best to assist you on your journey and be here to support you and your child for life. Our services are judged to be outstanding and we are sure you will experience that for yourselves”.

We are a charity and not for profit.  Our annual income and activity details are available here. We strive to keep our operational costs as low as possible, so that every earned and donated penny that can go towards service delivery and development, does just that.



What We Do

Coram IAC works to find adoptive homes for children wherever they live. Find out more about our ethos and way of working.

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Coram IAC is our people. Our workforce is the Coram IAC family and our expert professionals work tirelessly to ensure our children and families get what they need.

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Coram IAC has always offered a service to professionals working within the field of adoption. We offer a wide range of services.


We are judged to be outstanding by Ofsted, which means all our services are of a high standard. Find out what Ofsted and others think about us.